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       Welcome to Warrior Adventures!

Hi! I am Tinyswipe, the site owner. I am a very big warriors fan, and I just love roleplay! I've always wanted to have my very own site, so; POOF! Warrior Adventures was born! I've seen lots of other Roleplay sites thrive and expand to about, I don't know, up to 7,000 members! I really want my site to be like that someday.

Here is a little intro I made up about Warrior Adventures;  


Inside your computer, though you may not know it, lie four small groups of cats called Clans.


The brave and bold


The sly and sneaky


The sharp and determined


The kind and wise


These clans have thrived for a long time.


then The Great Crash came.

The rivers flooded, the trees pulled from their roots,

and the clans were no more.

Survivors try to keep their traditions together,

but they need your help!

You must find the warrior inside of you, and release it! Let it be free!

You are the clans' last hope. Don't abandon them in their time of need.

(This is my work. I made it up myself. Do not steal any of my ideas. That is against the law.)


HOME BOX       

No roleplay here. OR chatting! This box is for new members to put up their cat's info so they can be added to clan ranks.

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